Hi! My name is Malitis and I am the creator of Imperial Odyssey. I am a 20 year old Guy with a passion for Minecraft, graphic-design and 3D-Modelling. Making my very own Resource Pack for Minecraft was my opportunity to be creative and make something brand new. I started Imperial Odyssey (of course then known as The-Malitis-Pack) as a personal project without the intend to, one day, publish it. I remixed textures from other packs and just did what I liked. However, sooner or later i decided to make my Resource Pack open to the world, so that everyone can enjoy what I have created. I hope you like it.

Imperial Odyssey is a nice and beautiful 32x reskin for Minecraft's default textures that enhances the Game in many great ways. Everything is supposed to have it's own little charm without the downside of it feeling a little to alien for a normal Minecraft player. Textures and Models are based on Minecraft Default but have the very unique style made by Imperial Odyssey's creator Malitis. But what does that even mean? Texture sprites are pixelated in sharp and defined ways. The pixelation is supposed to feel clear and defined in a 8-Bit style. Furthermore texture colors are kept simple (often using the same color palette as Default) but all together the colors add up to a colorful and vibrant experience.

But what is truly unique about Imperial Odyssey?

Self made textures are nice, but that's nothing special. What makes Imperial Odyssey truly unique are its 3D Blocks and very own Custom Entity (Mob) Models. In addition this Resource Pack provides you with many Optifine exclusive features like custom light settings, custom skyboxes, custom animations, custom User-Interfaces as well as multiple mob textures to make the game feels less repetitive. Even blocks themselve have multiple textures. Sick of seeing the same clay texture all over again? Well Imperial Odyssey has 32 different clay textures to ensure that nothing feels repetitive. The Resource pack uses every available feature to make the game more special.Imperial Odyssey adds a completely new atmosphere to Minecraft: It makes the game feel more unique and accomplishes the things that Minecraft's default textures couldn't - Making the game feel a little more complex. Minecraft wants to be simple. Imperial Odyssey retains this overall simplicity but adds shape and design to the games resources.

Do I need Optifine for Imperial Odyssey?

No! Although many features are only available with Optifine, Imperial Odyssey ensures to make the game work for Vanilla players too. You may not see custom entities or skyboxes but multiple textures and 3D Block still work the same way.

Where can I leave a comment about Imperial Odyssey?
Here are some sites on which you can leave a comment about Imperial Odyssey (bugs, questions, etc.). Click the image to get to the site.

Planet Minecraft: comment section on the official PMC page of Imperial Odyssey
Twitter: Tweet to @MalitisOfficial, the creator of Imperial Odyssey
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