You are not sure how to install Imperial Odyssey in your Minecraft files?
This (overly precise) step-by-step-guide will show you how to do it.

Step 1

Click the Download-Button

Got to Downloads [Click here] and download the version of Imperial Odyssey that you want. Are you playing Minecraft on 1.15? Then you have to Download Imperial Odyssey for 1.15 too.

Step 2

Skip the Ad

To download Imperial Odyssey from Mediafire, you first need to skip a 5 second ad. Just click on the yellow "Skip Ad" button in the upper-right coner. Don't click anything else! You are then redirected to the download page of the Imperial Odyssey version you want to download. Sometimes a pop-up window opens... just close it as that's just another ad.

Step 3

Download the Resource Pack

You are now on Mediafire, where you can see a big green button. Press this button to download your Imperial Odyssey version. The file size is about 20-40 MB. The dwnload speed can vary based on your Internet speed.

Step 4

Open Resouce Pack Folder

There are many ways to access the resource pack folder (The place where all resource packs are stored). I will show you this way: You need to open Minecraft. Click on Options and then Resource packs. Now Click on Open Resource Pack Folder...

Step 5

Drag the Zip File

Take the Zip-File you just downloaded and just drag and drop it into the Resource Pack folder. You DON'T need to unzip it! But you can if you want. The resource pack is now installed in your Minecraft files.

Step 6

Select Imperial Odyssey

Now that you have installed Imperial Odyssey, you just need to select it. To do that got Pack to Minecraft and select Imperial Odyssey by clicking on it on the left screen side. It should then move to the right side. This means that you have selected it. You now can press Done and Imperial Odyssey will load. This loading process may take a while depending on how good yor PC is. For me it takes about 10-20 seconds to load.

Dont worry if the loading screen is not black like in the video. This just propably means that you don't have Optifine installed.

Congratulations, you have succesfully installed Imperial Odyssey to your Minecraft files! 👍 This was no challenge at all, was it?
Enjoy playing your game.
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