Updates in Imperial Odyssey are ubiquitous. They happen frequently and always change the Resource Pack a little bit. They often contain bug fixes from previous versions and tend to change many features at once: There wont be an entirely new version of Imperial Odyssey just because one texture,model or bug has been changed/fixed. Instead many minor changes are being compiled into a major update, which is then released to the public as a newer and better version of this Resource Pack.

Frequently update your Imperial Odyssey version to always have the newest and best content. You can download newer versions here: [Click here]

- Here is a list of most recent updates -

Update 2.0.6

Ghasts are back for Imperial Odyssey Update 2.0.6!!! They have been disabled because of Optifine internal issues, but now they are back, sadly bees and chests still don't work, but sheep and ender chests are back too. In addition I changed the blackstone texture that were added in 1.16. I realized they were too bright, so I changed the color and made them darker.

Also featured in this update:
  • 1.16 font issues corrected
  • minor bug fixes

Update 2.0.5

I really did not like the totem of undying texutre, so I changed it. Now it is more similar to the default texture. The eyes even change color.

Also featured in this update:
  • Text splash typo correction
  • Improved font. The old font had glitches and did not display properly in some occasions. Additionally, not-latin letters were finally added. I got many complaints by russians. I hope you are satisfied now ;)

Update 2.0.4

In this new Update for Imperial Odyssey, I changed the Diorite textures to make them look closer to Default. I think they turned out pretty good.

Also featured in this update:
  • Text splash issues were fixed
  • New textures for Chorus fruit, Popped Chorus fruit and Shulker Boxes. They now look shiny and glossy unlike their former textures.

Update 2.0.3

New and better quartz textures. Smoother! Cleaner! Better! Forget the old quartz textures, they were primitive and dirty. This is fancy and Shiny!!! Make your quartz builds look even more polished and noble with this new update.

Update 2.0.2

Before Update 2.0.2 Imperial Odyssey used assets regarding the custom daylight skybox that where not created by myself. Since Imperial Odyssey claims to be 100% selfmade, this of course had to be changed. So I made my own custom skybox using a software called CubeTheSphere, in which you can transform normal JPEG images into skyboxes used for Minecraft.

Also featured in this update:
  • Text splashes from the Title Screen now include Star Wars quotes, latin phrases, and many other things I associate with the word "Empire". I thought this might be fitting for a Resource Pack called Imperial Odyssey.
  • Bug fix for Minecraft 1.16. The Title Screen background contrast was higher compared to every other Minecraft version.
  • Removed Zombie voice-lines.
➡ Since all none-selfmade assets have been removed, Imperial Odyssey can now be published.

Update 2.0.1

Two major changes were introduced in Update 2.0.1.
First: Complete rework of the GUIs. Before this change, every GUI was just a semi-transparent black box, now they have unique textures, which where based on the default GUI. What i think is cool about them is, that they're basically all in darkmode.
Second: 3D models for carrots, potatoes and beetroots were added. They are now all 3D.

Also featured in this update:
  • New textures for potatoes, cooked potatoes and poisoned potatoes. The old ones looked kinda ugly.
  • removed custom loading screens for changing worlds. I chose to remove them because they tended to glitch out.
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